The Commodore VIC-20 is Commodore’s first 8 bit home computer with the famous breadbin shape.

The VIC20 was a success in the 80s as it had color and sound for a reasonable price.

I can remember a computerclub member had a VIC20 and saying it’s the predecessor of the C64. It only lacks sprites and has less memory. It is indeed the first home computer to give Commodore success.

My Commodore VIC20 PET style with manual
VIC20 with PET Style function keys is my favorite: what a beauty

In Germany they didn’t want the name to be VIC as in German the word “Fick” means “Fuck”. In Germany they called it the VC-20.

German Commodore VC-20

I love the Commodore breadbins.

Another VIC20 model 🙂

PenUltimate+ VIC20
Cassiopei v2.0