Some years ago I was attending the HCC Commodore Meetings in Maarssen (NL) and I saw the Ultimate II for the first time. I had just started my retro hobby. I was amazed that new gadgets were still developed for the C64!

It took me years to understand the power of the Ultimate II and later the Ultimate II+. I missed the network feature in the II. What I didn’t know when I was ready to order the II+ it was sold out and later on COVID19 came. I was not going to pay scalper prices on marktplaats/ebay. Some weeks passed and Gideon announced the Ultimate II+L. The +L was using available parts. Long story short. It took almost a year but then it arrived.

All the features you can read on the website mentioned below.

Begin March 2023 the packaged arrived!

I have to say that I was happy that Gideon sent e-mails with honest updates about the delay. I prefer to support the developer and wait than pay a scalper.

Front of the UltimateII+L
Back of the UltimateII+L with serial number
The USB3.0 connector is for the Tape Adapter
IEC Cable
3 buttons: Freeze, Menu and Reset
IEC port, USB2 Tape, Audio Line Out, Audio Line In
MicroUSB for external power, USB0 and USB1 and 100 Mbps Ethernet
Bart van Leeuwen send me the new update. (thanks)

I thought it was a Plug ‘n Play solution for my Commodore 128-D. I was expecting I only had to disable the internal floppy disk drive but there was more. Here comes the power of the community. I posted on Facebook the U2L+ arrived and Bart send me the firmware in a private message. Several other members immediately helped me and Xander explained why/what I had to change for make it work! Thanks Xander!

Before any settings it didn’t work
Xander wrote how it works and what I should check….
This was a timing and REU setting and after changing this is worked also!

https://ultimate64.com/U2PLBLK-TA <- official shop and information
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1541ultimate/ <- amazing FB group!