Trident 8900D VGA ISA Card

Back in the days I had a Trident 8900D VGA ISA Videocard in my 80386DX system. Now I have this 16 bit ISA card for my Commodore A2386SX thanks to Simon Vergauwen from The Belgian Amiga Club. The A2386SX is currently in my Amiga 2000.

The performance of this card is good. There are some things to consider when using this card. Sometimes the VGA Color monitor is not detected and the result is that the screen get into a Monochrome state. The DOS command MODE CO80 is changing it to VGA but not color. During booting the system you can see this as theVGA BIOS information is black/white as shown below:

VGA Bios in monochrome

When the color mode is initialized properly you will see the VGA BIOS text in color like shown below:

VGA BIOS in Color

Thanks to Simon I found the tool on VOGONS forum, see post here:

Didn’t work so I had to close J7 and then it works

I show you here my jumpersettings:

These jumpersettings results with my system in a 3DBench 1.0 score of 24.3:

Pretty nice for an ISA VGA card

I think 24.3 is an excellent score when I compare it to the VLB Trident 9400 of Phil:

My ISA 8900D has the same score than it’s VLB 9400 version

Showing the BIOS while resetting A2386SX

Trident 8900D Jumpers