Tank Mouse 2.4 Wireless and Bluetooth with USB-to-DB9 adapter Amiga Beige and Black

The 27th of February in 2022 I supported the Kickstarter campaign “Tank Mouse – your new Amiga mouse” of Lukas Remis. The Tank Mouse has a special nostalgic place in my heart as my original Amiga 2000 had one.

The kickstarter campaign was 100% funded at 11th of March in 2022. It was supposed to arrive around November ’22 but due to parts and other things it was delayed. I got it in April 2023.

I have to say it’s very well made and wow what a nice features. I ordered two Tank Mouses. One for my Amiga 4000/040 with the USB to DB9 adapter in Amiga Beige and the second one for my Dell XPS15 Windows 11 laptop. It can connect via Bluetooth or an USB Dongle which supports 2.4 Ghz wireless connections. The USB to DB9 adapter makes it possible to connect it to an Amiga but also Atari and C64 machines!

Why buy one color if you can buy both?
Amiga Beige
Some features mentioned on the box
Old and modern support
Specifications on the box
Black Tank Mouse with USB 2.4 Wireless Receiver
Black USB to DB9 adapter
Black Tank Mouse in Bluetooth mode connected to my Dell XPS15 with Windows 11
Tank Mouse Amiga Beige
USB to DB9 adapter with USB 2.4 Wireless Receiver
Tank Mouse Beige Wireless with my A4000/040
Funny to see in 2023 a wireless Tank Mouse
The color is amazing close. Left New Tank Mouse right Original Tank Mouse
Amiga37: Right the designer of the new Tank Mouse, Lukas Remis, left me holding the two prototypes
Tank Mouse Amiga Beige Wireless in action on A4000/040
Tank Mouse Black in action via Bluetooth on Dell XPS15 Windows 11

http://www.elbox.com/downloads_cocolino.html ( <- driver for Amiga OS 3.x )