Sony KDL-22PX300 Bravia TV with PlayStation 2 Built-in

Sometimes you seek a TV and get a Sony Playstation 2 built-in for free 🙂 I found this on the dutch eBay, marktplaats.

I had the PS2 Phat from Richard ‘Skate‘ Simon himself. The PS2 Slim and now this TV version.

I use it for playing PS1 and PS2 games. At the moment I have my MiSTer connected to the VGA and HDMI connection. When my JAMMA connector is ready from I will move it to my Arcade cabinet.


TV: Not in use
HDMI 1: MiSTer
HDMI 2: Not in use
HDMI 3: Not in use
HDMI 4: Not in use
VGA : MiSTer
Component: Not in use
Composite: Not in use
SCART: Not in use