Sensible World of Soccer ’95 ’96 (Amiga)

I’m not a real soccer fan but since the Commodore 64 I love playing soccer games.

The most played Amiga soccer games for me are Kick-Off and Sensible Soccer. Among my friend group we love to play Kick-Off. We played it a lot. At some moment Sensible Soccer came out and someone proposed we have to give it a try. Sensible Soccer became our daily game to play.

It was also a game that needed 1 MB which was no problem for my Amiga 2000 with 1 MB Chipmem and 8 MB Fastmem but some friends had to buy an expansion for their Amiga 500.

Sensible World of Soccer box front
Sensible World of Soccer box back
Sensible warning Amiga 1MB and above models only game
Sensible World of Soccer ’95 / ’96 floppy disks
Close-up of the floppy disk