Samsung Syncmaster T200HD LCD

I love to hook up my retro machines to a CRT screen. To fully use the power of my PiStorm with RTG capabilities and RGBtoHDMI in my Commodore Amiga 2500 I was searching for a nice ‘retro’ LCD screen with HDMI connections but also some old connections like Composite, SCART RGB, VGA and Component Video.

Samsung T200HD Front
Samsung T200HD Back
Samsung T200HD Back Connections
Samsung T200HD Side Control
Samsung T200HD Side Control Panel Open
Samsung T200HD Side Panel Ports
Side panel with controls
Model information label
Remote Control Front
Remote Control Back

This monitor will be connected to my Amiga 2500 with PiStorm as RTG. The supported resolution is 1680×1050 @ 60 Hz.

HDMI 1.3 Port 1 : PiStorm
HDMI 1.3 Port 2 : RGBtoHDMI
D-Sub VGA : Not in use yet
DVI-D : Not in use yet
SCART : Not in use yet
Component : Not in use yet