Sometimes you see a video on YouTube and recognize you always wanted this solution in one package.

Watch this introduction to RetroNAS from Bob of RetroRGB
Watch this indepth video with Bob speaking with Dan about RetroNAS

Please use for installing RetroNAS on your device.

You can also download one of the following Virtual Machine to your computer, unpack it and import the VM:

Hyper V Windows 10 :

Hyper V Windows 11:

VMWare / Player 16.2:

Like Bob said be careful what you download from the internet. These images are meant to be unpacked and import in your HyperV or VMWare installation. They are made with the instructions of Dan with the same parameters except for the download mirror set to The Netherlands. They do not contain any extra software or roms.

First step I did was follow this video
Second step was this video

If you want to create a RetroNAS virtual machine by yourself please consider:
1. In HyperV and VMWare disable Secure boot otherwise Debian will not be able to boot.
2. Networking has to be in bridge mode otherwise you cannot utilise all protocols.