PiStorm for my Amiga 2500

The moment I read about the PiStorm I was thinking for which machine I would use this. My Amiga 1000 is original, the Amiga 2000A is original too, the Amiga 2000B Rev 6.2 is fully equipped with a 68030 accelerator board and the Amiga 4000 has an original 68040. I was wondering if I needed a 68060 and decided not to go that road. Some years ago I was thinking about a Vampire but I read some issues with Zorro expansions which is the reason I love big box Amigas. Last but not least I wanted to be able to use the standard video out for my CRT screen.

I choose for the Amiga 2500 as my PiStorm machine.

PiStorm Rev B front
PiStorm Rev B back
not bad : 292x 68020 🙂

Machine :
Commodore Amiga 2500

Screen :
Commodore 1950

Parts :
Amiga 2000 CPU Adapter V1
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 WH
SanDisk Extreme MicroSD 32 GB
HDMI Mount
SD Mount