Philips CM8533 CRT RGB Color monitor

I was searching for a nice RGB CRT monitor for my Sega MegaDrive which has a SCART RGB cable. Thanks to Marvin Droogsma I found one. The Philips CM8533. It looks familiar and it sure does. The form reminds us of the 1081 or 1084 models of Commodore. This Philips monitor is nostalgia for me. When I was 13/14 years I was during the summer holiday with my Amiga 2000 in a camping site. Yes I know sounds weird but I said my parents I don’t go with them if I cannot use my Amiga. Anyways. I was cycling from Heeze (NL) to Eindhoven (NL) and got thirsty. I stopped at a bar and people were looking at me as they saw water burn. What are you doing here, you are a minor. I said that I just wanted to drink a Cola and carry on. The bartender asked if I had money and ofcourse I had. He asked me to leave after finishing my soda and I agreed. An adult came to me asking what I’m going to do. I said heading to Eindhoven to check out some computer stores. Long story short he offered me a summer holiday job at Philips. They asked I was able to solder some ICs. I said I could. Do you know this monitor? I said Yes I do I have the Commodore model of this. At that moment we were working on Philips and Ancona models. I never had a Philips model but now I have thanks to Marvin 🙂 It runs very fine with my RGB consoles.

Philips and Sega MegaDrive are a nice match

Connected at the moment:
Atari VCS 2600 via my Sony SLV-SX80 VHS VCR
Sega MegaDrive via SCART