Out Run

When I was 13 years we went to an arcade in Maastricht called Fair Play which were having the Out Run Deluxe arcade cabinet. For 1 Dutch Guilder (approx. 0.45 Euro) you could play the game. It was epic. I remember finished the game with using 1 coin and the people surrounding the cabinet cheering like I’ve won an important soccer match, old and young applauded.

Because Out Run has a special place in my heart I start collecting the different versions for the machines I also have in my retro collection.

OutRun Spectrum 48/128K

OutRun Commodore 64 Tape
OutRun Commodore 64/128 Disk Edition

OutRun Sega Mark III
OutRun Sega Master System
OutRun Sega Master System (Blue Label)
OutRun Sega Game Gear
OutRun Sega MegaDrive
OutRun Sega Saturn

OutRun Nintendo GameBoy Advance

OutRun MSX64K

OutRun Commodore Amiga
OutRun 2 XBOX Classic