Oculus Quest 2 with 256 GB

When the original Oculus VR was introduced I immediately bought it. For me VR was the next C64 experience. Something I always dreamt of as a kid, being able to play VR in home on my own PC. The AMD X6 1035T six core was powerful enough to handle the CPU power needed but the lack of good USB3 support made me switch to an Intel i7 6800K. At first my Nvidia GTX970 was a nice match with my Oculus CV1. Later on the Nvidia GTX1080 came and that was a bliss for my Oculus VR. I really enjoyed it but the hassle with cables and sensors were not inviting for playing as I never play for long sessions. It took more time to install and calibrate the VR set than playing a game.

I never had the urge to upgrade to a new VR headset. After reading a lot of the Quest be able to use Virtual Desktop and running it wireless. I thought even if that is not working perfect I only have to use one USB3 cable with PC link.

The standalone game capability of the Quest 2 is also fun, being able to take the VR on the go without the need of a PC.

I bought the 256 GB edition to be able to take as much games on the go.

Oculus Quest 2 with Elite Battery, Strap and Case

I really enjoyed the Star Wars and Angry Bird games on the Quest 2.

UPDATE: The Oculus products are renamed to Meta. So this VR is now called the Meta Quest 2.

Elite Battery, Strap and Case