JanusTools partition DOSType 0x4d534800

I’m using the Commodore A2386SX BridgeBoard in my Amiga 2000.

With JanusTools you are able to create a partition on your media which can be partitioned with FDISK and later formatted in DOS. I use my CF Card SD Adapter with a 16 GB SD Card as example here.

Keep in mind that MS-DOS 6.22 supports a partition with a maximum size of 2 GB.

Be sure you have BridgeBoard Janus 2.1 and JanusTools installed.

Janus Handler Version 36.85 and Library Version 36.83
If you see this please check you have the correct FileSystem chosen like the pictures below
FileSystem DOSType is 0x4D534800
FileSystem is MSH\00
Don’t use a carriage return and don’t forget the : other wise it won’t get recognized in FDISK (see picture below)
Can caused by the incorrect DOSType, FileSystem and/or ABOOT.CTRL mistake
Correct ABOOT.CTRL contains the partition you created with : but without any carriage return
When you have both set correctly and starting FDISK you should see this
Use the format command to prepare your system
Voila DOSC: is formatted in MS-DOS 6.22 with 2 GB bootable partition

You can now use AREAD or any other tool to copy files to this DOS partition.