Hyperion AmigaOS 3.2.2 Kickstart ROM and Workbench for my Amiga 2000 and 4000

In 2023 we got an update for the Amiga. AmigaOS 3.2.2 was announced by Hyperion Entertainment. I had the 3.2. ROMs in my Amiga 2000 and Amiga 4000. I didn’t make ROMs of 3.2.1 but decided to order 3.2.2 so the machines didn’t need to boot and softreset.

I want to thank Dennis from www.retro-updates.com for the extra service ! (Ordering process is also available in English)

Swapping the ROMs is with the 2000 more easier to do as with the 4000.

Kickstart ROM 3.2.2 for Amiga 4000 with LO and HI ROMS and the Amiga 2000
Amiga 2000 with 3.2 ROM before swapping them
Amiga 2000 with 3.2.2 Kickstart ROM installed
Amiga 4000/040 Kickstart 3.2.2 ROMs ready to replace 3.2 ROMs
Kickstart ROM 3.2.2 installed in Amiga 4000
Amiga 4000/040 with AmigaOS 3.2.2 Workbench and Kickstart ROM
Amiga 4000/040 OS 3.2.2 with AmiFox running nPerf.com


Hyperion released update v3.2.2.1