Extreme CF Adapter SD for Micro SD Cards

Getting reasonable priced CF Cards is getting more difficult so I thought I tried a CF Adapter for SD Cards. I have many small sized SD Cards laying in my drawer so I imagined I could use them for my IDE based machines experiments like the Amiga 4000 and Amiga 2000 with A2386SX PC BridgeBoard.

First I tried a 16 GB MicroSD Card with an image of 8 GB. This is an Amiga 1200 based image with KickStart 3.1 and WHDLoad preconfigured. I was hoping it works on my Amiga 4000 when playing AGA Games. It worked!

I’m going to use the small sized SD Cards. As this is for MicroSD cards I also ordered a CF Adapter for normal sized SD Cards. I still have plenty SD Cards with 4 MB till 1 TB so they can be used for PC partitions.