Sometimes handy developers achieve to program a feature the original developers didn’t think of or thought it was impossible. EtherBridge made by Heiko PrĂ¼ssing is such a solution.

You can use any BridgeBoard (2088/2288, 2286 or 2386) combined with a PC ISA Network card (preferable a 3Com or NE2000 compatible and for the 8088 an XT variant) to be able to use network capabilities. I used Roadshow as TCP/IP stack.

I met Heiko during Amiga34 and had a very interesting talk. He knows what he is talking about. I’m very passionate about computers and so is he.

Left: Ramond Right: Heiko

Currently I’m using EtherBridge with on my Amiga 2000 with a A2286 AT BridgeBoard and an 3Com EtherLink III networkcard.