Compaq Presario CM1001 3Dfx Voodoo3

I remember going from S3 SVGA to Voodoo enabled 3D gaming in the 1990s. Groundbreaking difference in performance and features. I found this Compaq Presario CM1001 with the 3Dfx Voodoo 3.

16 MB version of the Voodoo 3 1000

The Voodoo3 1000 Video card with 16 MB is very nice to play 3Dfx games on. It can handle DOS and Win9x games.

The biggest suprise was that this CM1001 was not the Intel edition but the AMD Slot A edition. I cannot find any information about the AMD version while I can find some info about the Intel.

3DFX 3D Card Detected… in the 1990s this was epic…
8 GB CF Card is enough for Win98SE and some games

StarTech 3.5 IDE to CF solution (35BAYCF2IDE)