Commodore A2286 AT BridgeBoard

The most known BridgeBoard is ofcourse the A2088XT. It was in my humble opinion a bit late when Commodore came to the market with it. I remember my dad had 80386 machines in his office and I was hesitating what to do. Going to follow the Commodore Amiga grow path or towards PCs and it starting LAN capabilities. Getting a 8088 in the time 286 and 386 were available was for me the reason I never got a 8088 PC BridgeBoard and later one didn’t buy an Amiga 3000 or 4000 but went to a 386. Did they have a 386 for a reasonable price at that moment maybe I was using it longer.

The 286 AT BridgeBoard has support for 16 bit ISA slots. This is making it more interesting than the 8-bit 8088 version. The 286 will perform about 4-5x the speed of the 8088.

It is very difficult to find 8 bit networkcards. 16 bit networkcards are easier to find. With Etherbridge you can use your PC Networkcard on your Amiga in AmigaOS/WorkBench.

User’s guide of the bridgeboard A2088/A2286

These are the current 16-bit ISA cards using with my A2286:
3Com EtherLink III 3C509B-TPO (see also network settings)

My A2000 with GVP 030 Accelerator Board connected to an A1084S monitor and the A2286 BridgeBoard via a VGA card to the IBM P72 monitor.

UPDATE: I sold my A2286AT because I could buy a nice Commodore A2386SX PC BridgeBoard.

YouTube video in German: