Commodore A2065 Ethernet Network Card

The Commodore A2065 Ethernet Network card has only AUI and BNC connections as RJ45 UTP were not common in that era. A transceiver from AUI to RJ45 is a solution for this, resulting in approx. 5 Mbit/s. I have this network card in my Amiga 4000.

The A2065 in my Amiga 4000
The A2065 with AUI and BNC connections
I have a Revision 3 A2065
A2065 from 1990
It fits 🙂
Transceiver and RJ-45 UTP

I was surprised with the speed of the A2065 with a transceiver. The maximum theoretical speed is 5 Mbit/s while I was manage to get 599 KB/s which is approx. 4.8 Mbit/s. I used tcpspeed and the roadshow TCP/IP stack. It also does well the DNS requests.

599 KB/s amazing speed for an Amiga
AmiSpeedTest with internet connectivity
WHDLoad update warning on Amiga 4000 with A2065 network card
Getting an update warning on an Amiga in 2020 (!)