Commodore 1084S

The Commodore 1084S monitor is commonly used for C64 and Amiga computers delivering nice RGB colors and stereo sound. I had this monitor on my Amiga 2000 and C64.

This particular iconic model I had in the beginning with my C64 and Amiga simultaneous connected, being able to switch between the machines.

Commodore 1081 and 1084S monitor in box 🙂
Manual Commodore 1084S High Resolution Monitor

In the manual was the original invoice stating it costed Fl 699.00 in 1991. I checked on and it shows 699 Dutch guilders in 1991 was in 2019 approx E 564 (USD 627)

Dutch invoice 1991 Fl 699,00 for an A1084S Monitor

I’m currently using this monitor with my Commodore Amiga 2500/RPi.