CBM Amiga OutRun

Let me tell you a story. It’s 1988 and the gamers are going to arcades to play the best games ever. Sega OutRun is a very popular racing game in the arcade. The Commodore Amiga was a very powerful system back in the days. When Sega announced they were bringing OutRun to the Amiga we were having dreams about saving all those coins not having to spend anymore in the arcades. No waiting lines. Play as often you want, when you want, in home.

Oh boy what were we wrong…. The worst port ever made IMHO. Even the Commodore 64 OutRun edition was despite the 8 bit limitation better than the Amiga. As a teenaged gamer those were sad days.

The music was epic and like you maybe already know OutRun still has a special place in my retro collectors’ heart.


Other editions of OutRun in my collection:
OutRun Spectrum 48/128K
OutRun C64
OutRun Sega MegaDrive
XBOX Classic OutRun 2
OutRun Sega Mark III
OutRun Sega Master System
OutRun MSX64K
Game Gear OutRun
Game Gear Micro