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Cassiopei v2.0

During the Commodore Club Nederland/HCC meeting in Maarssen April 2019 a device caught my attention: “One multifunctional device for most 8-bit Commodore computers”. In my collection I have the following 8-bit Commodore computers: VIC-20, C64, C128D and the C16.

I asked Jan if he can explain me what the Cassiopei device is and it’s capabilities. Jan Derogee is the developer of the device. He explained he wanted a device that had a most common port shared by most Commodore 8-bit machines. That common port was the datasette port. It was a challenge, he explained, since the PET the transfer protocol was evolved with new features.

He started with the abbrevation of the devicename:
CASSette IO Peripheral Expansion Interface

Summary features:
– WiFi
– SD Card
– PRG and TAP file loading
– Telnet program for C64 (test version only at the moment)
– button control, software control and webbase control
– LCD screen
– 2 different stands for support on PET and C128 (what a nice detail!)


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