Cassiopei v2.0

During the Commodore Club Nederland/HCC meeting in Maarssen April 2019 a device caught my attention: “One multifunctional device for most 8-bit Commodore computers”. In my collection I have the following 8-bit Commodore computers: VIC-20, C64, C128D and the C16.

I asked Jan if he can explain me what the Cassiopei device is and it’s capabilities. Jan Derogee is the developer of the device. He explained he wanted a device that had a most common port shared by most Commodore 8-bit machines. That common port was the datasette port. It was a challenge, he explained, since the PET the transfer protocol was evolved with new features.

He started with the abbrevation of the devicename:
CASSette IO Peripheral Expansion Interface

Summary features:
– WiFi
– SD Card
– PRG and TAP file loading
– Telnet program for C64 (test version only at the moment)
– button control, software control and webbase control
– LCD screen
– 2 different stands for support on PET and C128 (what a nice detail!)

WiFi is default disabled
Setting to enable WiFi which is default disabled
Connecting to WiFi
WiFi SSID Name and NTP
WiFi shows IP number and NTP working
Main Menu via browser
Settings menu via browser
File Manager via browser

Cassiopei v2.0 with firmware 19th October 2018:

Cassiopei v2.0 with firmware 27th October 2019:

Cassiopei v2.0 booting, loading and using terminal: