I had back in the days the original C64, this model is often referred as the breadbin model. Lots of people made fun of the similarity of an actual breadbin and the Commodore 64. The truth is that the C64 was not the first model of breadbin produced by Commodore.

The first model is the VIC-20 which was the predecessor of the famous Commodore 64.

I never had a VIC-20 back in the days but I bought one for my collection. (UPDATE: I bought also the VC-20 and another VIC-20)

After the C64 there was another breadbin which was a mistake of Commodore. This was the Commodore 16. I love the color of it, black. I have a nice working one in my collection.

List of breadbins in my collection:


VIC20 (PET style function keys, VC20 and VIC20)



The C64 Mini

The C64 Maxi