The retro community is very active. Sometimes a project grabs your attention and you think: “HUH? How can this old machine manage to do modern things which look normal today but if you think about it are very special for old machines”.

I’m running version 1.0 on my Amiga 4000/040 with KickStart ROM version 3.2 and WorkBench 3.2.1 with RoadShow TCP/IP and an A2065 NetworkCard with UTP transceiver.

The original idea is from Michal Bergseth, check out his post about AmiTube. He inspired Marcus Sackrow AKA ALB42 to create AmiTube! Check the page on

AmiTube using MultiView, so please use AGABlaster

I want to thank Michal for helping me install it on my Amiga 4000. In short. check out the posts of him and ALB42. I had to select the AGABlaster in the settings menu. I copied the 020 version of the AGABlaster.

Playing smooth CDXL with AGABlaster_20
I choose Show all formats
If you choose all formats you can see the different file sizes
The different file sizes

Did you notice the file sizes? CDXL AGA is 62 MB for one video clip. Bare in mind that the most common hard drives back in the days were about 20 – 60 MB in size costing a lot of money. Now we have smartphones having GBs on storage. Thanks to AmigaOS 3.2 we are able to easy support flash drives with GBs capacity.

191 KB/s download speed is not bad!
Step 1 : Converting movie (on ALB42’s server)
Step 2: Downloading
Playing CDXL AGA Rick Astley Never Give Up
After exiting AmiTube the FAST memory is reclaimed by the OS.

Downloading speeds of 170 – 190 KB/s weren’t expected by me. I use the Commodore A2065 network card which is approximately capable of doing 5 Mbit/s with an AUI-UTP transceiver. Getting 190 KB/s (1.5 Mbit/s) is a bit slow but it’s working and steady.

Downloading CDXL OCS Losing My Religion (realtime speed)
Playing CDXL AGA Losing My Religion
AmiTube Downloading and Playing CDXL OCS The 30 Second Video
AmiTube Downloading and Playing CDXL AGA The 30 Second Video

Check out this 0.7 preview showing the new CDXL AGA Large format!

AmiTube 0.7 Beta 1 is released via the discord server.

AmiTube 0.7 Beta
AmiTube 0.7 CDXL OCS, CDXL AGA, MPEG1 and CDXL AGA Large (new) file size

The biggest change in 0.7 is the option to select CDXL AGA Large which uses height of 320 pixels which looks amazing:

AmiTube 0.7 can also check for updates!

You can also install your own AmiTubeServer via a docker image, check out here:

Amazing what ALB42 has achieved. He is very nice on the discord server and open for new/good features.

I was using AmiTube 0.8 (Official Release) and it can now be installed to 1.0 ! Check out ALB42’s website for the 1.0 version.

AmiTube 1.0 beta1
AGABlaster has now an 040 version available
Also download speeds have been improved. Not bad for a 68040…
New Update Available!
AmiTube 1.0 running on my Amiga 4000/040

FYI: I have to say I experience a problem with AGABlaster 040 version. When I exited playing a video my mouse pointer disappeared. When I used the 030 version this didn’t happen.

Enjoy YouTube videos on your AMIGAAAAAAAAAAA!

Thanks to Michal and Marcus for their patience and helping me out with AmiTube on the discord server!