Amiga video slot RGBtoHDMI CPLD v2.1

The Pi has found it’s way in retro land. Many solutions for different purposes.

We have the PiStorm which is an accelerator board solution emulating the 680xx with the use of a Raspberry Pi.

I’m using my Amiga 2500 for the Pi projects like PiStorm and RGBtoHDMI.

We have the RGBtoHDMI for enabling the video slot RGB output to HDMI which opens the use of modern TV’s/monitors.

You need a Raspberry Pi Zero W for this configuration (Thanks Pim for supplying one!) and a MicroSD.

Amiga video slot RGBtoHDMI without the Pi
Amiga video slot RGBtoHDMI with the Raspberry Pi Zero W fitted

Please be aware it cannot be installed in an Amiga 2000 Rev 4 (AKA Amiga 2000A) as it has a different video slot.