Amiga 4000

The Commodore Amiga 4000 is an Amiga I never had before. Before the Amiga 4000 was released I was already using a PC with networking capabilities as I saw the grow towards LANs. To be precise I was thinking to upgrade to a 2500UX and later after hesitating to a 3000UX. I never did that and went to PC. Thanks to several retro guys I finally have my Amiga 4000.

My Amiga 4000/040

I know there are Amiga 4000s with a 68030 but for me personally an Amiga 4000 is the one with a Motorola 68040 (my A3640 CPU Board).

My 2000 and 4000 together
SysInfo speed of my 4000
Yes! It’s an Amiga 4000
64 GB CF Card in my Amiga 4000 (old situation)
CF Card custom made and A2065 with VLab installed
Finally cleaned the marker text… looks nice
The reason I love big box Amigas: EXPANSIONS
The Amiga 4000 User’s Guide
The Amiga 4000 User’s Guide AGA Supplement

Accessoires and expansions:
Commodore A3640 CPU Board
Backplane bracket CF Card solution
Commodore A2065 Ethernet Network Card
MacroSystem VLab 1.3 with Y/C
Commodore 1084S-D2 CRT Color monitor
Extreme CF Adapter SD Card

AmigaOS Workbench Version 3.1.4.