Amiga 2000A

My parents bought me an Amiga 2000 in Germany with a QWERTY keyboard (happy they did but later they asked me if that was OK). It came shipped with KickStart 1.2. They choose also an extra 3.5″ disk drive which was at that time very welcome to prevent a bit of disk swapping all the time. They bought it at SelGros in Aachen for DM 2000 (Approx. 1022 EUR / 1140 USD).

Funny story. I did something stupid. I met Dave Haynie and thanked him for creating my overall favorite Amiga: the Amiga 2000. While talking with him I realized I didn’t had a 2000 designed by him but a German version. Gladly today I have a Dave Haynie Amiga 2000 as my daily Amiga 2000 🙂

Thanks to Tristan and Simon I have now (again) a revision 4 Amiga 2000. I want to recreate my original 2000 as I sold mine back in the days to Barry Luyckx.

Yeps, that’s for me 🙂
Left B2000 Right A2000A

I used my Amiga 2000 mainly for animations, video titling, database and ofcourse also gaming.

The combination of Deluxe Paint III with the A2301 Genlock resulted in a powerful video workstation in that era.

Accessories and software:
Commodore 1084S Color Monitor
Sharp CV-2031S Color Television
Commodore A2300 Genlock
Commodore Amiga Desktop Video Master
MicroBotics 8UP! Memory Expansion
NewTek DigiView Gold 4.0
Deluxe Paint III

To do list:
Add extra diskdrive
Install kickstart rom switcher to choose between v1.2 and v1.3/2.0?