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Amiga 2000

The Commodore Amiga 2000 is for me the most iconic computer I ever had. The power of the Amiga compared to it’s same era IBM PC’s and Apple Mac was amazing. It was the first time people were able to buy a workstation with multimedia capabilities.

Coming from the C64 this was a massive and powerful beast.

The expansion possibilities were amazing. Even now in 2019 you can buy expansions for adding IDE or USB.

Commodore 2000 with 1084S monitor
WhichAmiga stating the Amiga 2000 is expanded, OH YES IT IS 🙂
Left is my original mainboard and on the right is my new mainboard (see the color difference, right is CLEAN and bright and has the 16 bit bus expanded and recapped by Tristan)
The reason I love big box Amigas… expansions
Thanks Marvin for arranging a nice Amiga 2000

Accessories and expansions:
Commodore 1084S monitor
Commodore A2088XT PC emulator
Commodore Amiga 1010 External Floppy Disk Drive
GVP A3001 Series II Rev 8 & GVP A2000-RAM32 Rev 3 (68030 50mhz 16 MB RAM)
Commodore A2091 SCSI Controller
MacroSystem VLab v1.3 Y/C
Plipbox (Network via parallel port)
Buddha IDE 20 Year Anniversary Edition
Backplane bracket CF Card solution
Amiga 2000 revision 6 schematics

Special software:
Rainbird’s Starglider
AmigaOS Workbench version 3.1.4
Deluxe Paint III