Amiga 2000 Schematics

The Commodore 64 was my first but the Amiga 2000 changed my life forever. This powerhouse computer has given me lot’s of pleasure using a computer. As a teenager I could play games with sound and graphics quality we only saw before in arcades. I also used my Amiga for wordprocessing and DTP. The true power application and feature of the Amiga 2000 was Deluxe Paint with it’s graphics and animation features only seen before in broadcast devices costing 100.000s.

My parents bought my 2000 in Germany. I was very happy they choose a QWERTY keyboard and not the German QWERTZ.

I remember my dad was wondered why this Commodore Amiga 2000 was available in Germany but he didn’t see or hear about this when he was in Washington, USA.

In 2015 I met Dave Haynie, one of the developers of the Amiga 2000.

Dave Haynie and Ramond de Vrede (

He explained me that the one I had was not made by him! The first Amiga 2000s were engineered in Germany. The first revisions were very unstable. For me that was new as I used my 2000 without any big issues for years. Anyways… Commodore asked Haynie to revise the 2000s and he made a more stable version. This version is v6.

I’m proud to have the Amiga 2000 Schematics signed by Dave in my collection:

I love these pages….