Amiga 2000 CPU Adapter V1

You can use the PiStorm in several ways. The most common option is replacing your original 68000 processor from it’s CPU socket and place the PiStorm. I decided to use the CPU Slot which big box Amigas like the Amiga 2000 and Amiga 2500 have. To be able to connect the PiStorm to the CPU slot you have to use the Amiga 2000 CPU Adapter. I’m using the adapter for my Amiga 2500

Amiga 2000 CPU Adapter V1 Front
Amiga 2000 CPU Adapter V1 Back

Here is the PiStorm connected to the Amiga 2000 CPU Adapter:

PiStorm on the Amiga 2000 CPU Adapter
All together in the A2500

Notice the 68000 is removed from the socket. Accelerator boards have a mechanism to disable the CPU socket but the PiStorm hasn’t have this feature (yet?).