Amiga 1000

I think the Amiga 1000 is the most iconic machine for me when I saw it for the first time. I remember I had the Commodore 64 at the computer club meeting Aen de Wan in Maastricht. Everyone took his place and set up his computer. I had the C64 with me. One guy setup his Commodore 128-D and several members asked why did he bought the 128D and not the Amiga 1000. He said he never heard of that machine. Bare in mind that back in the days the only information came from magazines and meetings. He was promoting the C64 mode, the 128 and CP/M. He was very happy and I was impressed. It looked so future proof. But then… a member came and setup his Amiga 1000. He ran a demo (bouncing ball) and then I knew it, my next computer was an Amiga not a Commodore 128.

The Amiga 1000 mouse has a typical connector.

Back in the days my parents bought me an Amiga 2000A (German Sellgross with an USA keyboard).

The Amiga 1000 is a beautiful machine IMHO. I love the Big Box Amiga’s and breadbin form factor.

I have several Amiga’s in my collection. The 1000 was the first Amiga. The Amiga 2000A gives me nostalgic memories. The Amiga B2000 is believed to me more stable with addon cards, this can be but I never had issues back in the days with my 2000A. The Amiga 4000 was the AGA version of Big Box Amiga’s. I never had a 500 or 1200 so I don’t have any connection with those form factors.

I had bought a Commodore 1081 monitor a while ago with the Amiga 1000 in mind.

Commodore 1081 Amiga Color Monitor
Amiga 1000 Mouse
External GOTEK
Commodore Amiga Desktop Video Master