**** Retro & Gaming Corner ****



These are some of my consoles and home computers

Here is my retro and gaming collection:

600XL – The 8 Bit Atari with 16kb RAM
800XL – The 8 Bit Atari with 64kb RAM
Lynx II with McWill LCD mod – My favorite color handheld
VCS 2600 Light Sixer – The grandfather of consoles

Amiga 2000 Revision 4 – My first Amiga…
Amiga 2000 Revision 6 – The Amiga that changed my retro life…
Amiga 4000 – The big box AGA Amiga
C16 – I love breadbins
C128D – The power of C64, 128 and CP/M in one
C64 – My first home computer
THEC64 Mini – I know technically not a Commodore…
THEC64 Maxi – A hommage to the C64
VIC20 – I love breadbins
1084S – Color monitor I connected to my A2000
1084S-D2 – Color monitor newer version
1081 – Color monitor for the A1000
1702 – Perfect match 8-bit & later home computer and consoles
202 – Adding machine

Game & Watch
Donkey Kong I – Handheld by Nintendo Game & Watch
Donkey Kong II – My first handheld ever

Aquarius – The one without software

XBOX – Microsoft’s first console
XBOX 360 – Microsoft’s most beloved console
XBOX One X Scorpio Edition – Microsoft’s attempt to merge PC and console

ES-2201 – First console in Europe

Game Gear with McWill LCD mod – Very nice handheld
MasterSystem II – Sega’s 8 bit console
MegaDrive – Very nice 16 bit console
DreamCast – One of my favorite consoles (arcade quality at home)

ZX Spectrum 16k – Iconic UK home computer

PlayStation 1 – Sony console that changed the gaming industry
PlayStation Classic – Sony ‘mini’ edition of the PlayStation 1
PlayStation 2 – Sony’s predecessor was even better
PlayStation 3 – Sony’s console got even more powerful
PlayStation 4 Pro – Sony’s… you get the point….

Software is maybe even more important than the hardware it runs on.

Monitors are in my opinion very important with retro computing and gaming.